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Increase your company's performance while working with documents, texts and files. Exclude the necessary time for finding the document templates, for searching the clients and suppliers documents (contracts, bills, addenda, proceedings, conventions etc ) or the internal ones (records, requests, already-made documents useful for templates of the same type of file or area). Eliminate the necessary time for re-doing the lost / destroyed documents.


According to PwC and Gartner

Here are few available features:

Easy of use, Anywhere

Web access and mobile document management capabilities; Intuitive User Interface with drag & drop functionalities;

Fast access. Fast processing

Fast access to all working documents. Immediate finding of documents using complex criteria and devices; Multi-core / cluster processing support


Documenta is available in English, Romanian, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian and Danish. The OCR engine can recognize and read up to 150 languages.

Document control

Documenta guarantees self-versioning of documents and control of simultaneous access to them with check-in and check-out functionality.

Centralized Storage

From paper documents to data records, Documenta can manage all types of documents from many different sources. Digital file cabinets are used to sort everything in one central document pool. You no longer have to wonder where your important documents are.

Scan and Archive / OCR

Electronic document archive: compatible with all desktop scanners and all-in-one printers; Text recognition in scanning (OCR)


Documenta is an easy and practical solution that helps organizations and related businesses fulfill the documentation requirements associated with quality regulations and standards.


Managing Documents and Information not by Where it is but by What it is!
This metadata-driven approach is comprehensive, from navigation, to access permissions, workflow and replication.


Within the system, one can define documents registries ‐ eg: the input‐output generic registry, the contracts registry, departmental registries etc ‐ and access rights upon them. Users, according to the rights they have, may automatically register the documents ‐ in‐and‐out number.

General Diagram:


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